Protocol Risk Statement

Prior to participating in the protocol, participants, users and eco-system partners must be aware that they are participating in an experimental capital markets protocol.

Whilst all reasonable steps and precautions have been taken to minimize the risks of default, loss, theft or unintended consequences, the protocol remains an experimental decentralized protocol until otherwise stated.

This protocol risk statement is supplemented by an extensive compliance and audit statement of the protocol, which shall be issued prior to mainnet launch and maintained throughout the life of the protocol.

Smart Contract Audit

All smart contracts on the protocol are audited, both internally and externally by certified audit firms. The results of the audits shall be made public prior to the mainnet launch in our git repos.

Default Risk

The protocol provides risk-priced under-collateralized lending for institutional issuers and fixed-income opportunities for accredited Investors.

Investing in the private debt markets, carries associated risks of default and delinquency by the Issuers. The protocol relies upon Listing Agents and Risk Oracles to determine the creditworthiness of Issuers and their respective debt issuances, furthermore, Issuers are monitored on a regular basis to ensure they are handling risk appropriately and remaining within the legal mandate specified. However, there remains a possibility of default, in these cases, the Listing Agent will be responsible for the post-default workout of any remaining debt obligations on behalf of the Investor.

The protocol accepts no responsibility, whatsoever in the underwriting terms or for the practices employed by the Listing Agent in the course of it operations either on or off the protocol.

Cybersecurity Risk

The protocol is designed and built to the highest security and privacy standards in accordance with ISO-27001 standards and with the data protection laws of the E.U.

Prior to mainnet launch, the protocol shall be operationally audited on a regular basis and all reports are made available on our public site and in our git repos for full transparency.

For more information on compliance and audit contact the protocol compliance team on discord here!