Digital asset securities firm DEFYCA is launching a cross-chain liquidity aggregator. The platform operates on public blockchains, with Avalanche as its treasury chain. It is designed to help investors connect and collect maximum liquidity from multiple blockchains. It is solving liquidity and slippage issues across numerous chains. The securities here are represented by security tokens, which aid fast and zero-cost trading.

Our multi-chain liquidity aggregator will enable investors on any public chain to invest and trade CETs between each other in a permissive manner across chains, including Polygon, Solana, NEAR, and others. Investors from public chains may also gain primary purchase positions in a primary bond auction on our protocol. Moreover, investors can take all the benefits of Avalanche as its DEFYCA’s treasury chain.

Why Avalanche?

Avalanche Consensus and Subnets have remained one of the significant innovations in the Web3 ecosystem till now. It provides reliability, adaptability, dependability, scalability, and performance to power Web 3 applications and its servicing millions of users.

DEFYCA platform combines the unique fusion of multichain technology with the exceptional consensus architecture of Avalanche, which is one of the fastest-growing, eco-friendly ecosystems in crypto. It is less costly and highly scalable. The Avalanche network processes 5000 TPS (transactions per second), with future updates promising infinite TPS. The most significant advantage for DEFYCA is being supported by Avalanche, which means that transactions on this network are executed with low fees and near-instant finality.

All digital securities issued on the DEFYCA platform are backed by real-world assets and are 100% compliant with all applicable regulations. The DEFYCA platform is the only digital securities platform that offers this level of security and compliance as it is leveraged by Avalanche. 

How do investors benefit?

Interoperable: Ease of movement – with this new multi-chain approach, investors can freely & instantly trade their positions with other investors on any of the supported chains.

Cost Free: Zero fees: Investors can instantly trade their CETs to other permissioned investors on any supported chain at zero fees.

Secure: The trading chain interfaces with the treasury chain via the DEFYCA’s bridge contract. DEFYCA is a centralized entity that creates improved security for investors to invest in DeFi tokens and bonds.

Transaction Finality: Avalanche consensus can reach decisions quickly and have three interconnected blockchains rather than one, which makes it the least congested network. Hence, Avalanche can process and finalize transactions in less than three seconds.

Compliance with Digital Securities Laws: DEFYCA has worked closely with regulators to aggregate digital securities liquidity in compliance with EU Securities Laws. 

Current issue: Liquidity is Dispersed 

Today’s users feel limited when transacting with USDC across different blockchain ecosystems. Currently, the only solution is to lock up USDC on one chain and then create a synthetic “bridged” version of USDC on another chain. This usually results in fragmented liquidity and a complicated user experience. Liquidity needs to be aggregated to be allocated to digital securities and automatically settled at the point of trade. 

How DEFYCA x-chain technology solves the liquidity and slippage issue

Understanding the present roadblocks faced by digital asset investors and current dispersed liquidity issues, DEFYCA opens up a safe and secure trade of digital securities (CETs) instantly at zero fees across blockchains.  It has introduced this platform to broaden the market’s access and increase trading opportunities. With Cross-Chain Transfer Protocol, DEFYCA will enable users to transact USDC natively across different chains. DEFYCA’s Multi Chain Transfer Protocol makes it possible to “teleport” USDC from one ecosystem to another, which maximizes capital efficiency and streamlines the user experience.

With  DEFYCA’s latest x-chain technology, one can invest with the world’s leading dollar digital currency, USDC, across an array of expanding public blockchains. At present, $43 Billion USDC is circulating across the public blockchains. With DEFYCA’s x-chain technology, fund managers and issuers can aggregate liquidity across approx. 97% of USDC fund holders on DEFYCA’s supporting blockchains.

Launch date timeline

In Q1 2023, the DEFYCA will launch its Mainnet Treasury Chain with Avalanche and Polygon support for trading assets. This will allow more efficient trading of assets securely and provides a major boost to the DEFYCA ecosystem.

DEFYCA will start supporting  Ethereum, Solana, Near and Algorand trading chains in 2023. This move will allow DEFYCA users to trade on more chains and access a wider range of assets.

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