As the year 2022 ends, DEFYCA is proud to complete its MVP Roadmap and set targets that have brought a paradigm shift in the private credit market within a span of twelve months. It was only in January 2022 that DEFYCA initiated its journey as a digital asset security firm with a mission to curtail friction and create liquidity in the market. The firm has proven its consistent efforts in a year’s journey and is thrilled to shine ahead, heading to release testnet in Q1 2023.

DEFYCA has envisioned providing access for investors to invest frictionlessly in the private credit markets while providing debt funds with a fully digital end-to-end infrastructure built on blockchain technology. Now, it can be proudly made into an announcement that various companies in the market today seek to pilot DEFYCA’s technology to build new trading venues for digital securities.

DEFYCA has significantly progressed in building proven, resilient, scalable, high-performance infrastructure connected with digital and crypto financial markets. Without the strong support and commitment of DEFYCA’s partners and investors, it wouldn’t have been possible.

The co-founder of DEFYCA, Alex, shared his feelings and satisfaction saying that “It was a very productive year, but also very challenging because of the macro situation, the war, and the crisis in Europe. I hope the next year will be successful, but the deepest wish is that the next year will bring peace!”

DEFYCA’s journey in 2022: A Look Back

In early 2022, DEFYCA started working on its whitepaper. This document provided a detailed overview of how DEFYCA plans to operate and mentioned the team’s goals and objectives. DEFYCA planned to tokenize the private debt fund assets. Because of this, investors can buy and sell tokens to reflect their ownership of the private debt fund. The team is committed to providing a simple and user-friendly interface that will make it easy for investors to use the platform. 

In March 2022, DEFYCA validated MVP with the market. They have received a positive legal opinion on their business model, which was a significant achievement for DEFYCA.

This validation from the market and legal opinion reinforced the belief that they are on the right track with their business model. It gave them the confidence to continue working hard to bring their innovative products and services to market.

In April 2022, DEFYCA participated in the Avalanche Summit, where the team’s Proof-of-Concept was tested and won at the Avalanche Hackathon. This was an incredible accomplishment for the team, as their hard work and dedication paid off significantly.

In September 2022, DEFYCA closed a seed funding round that raised $1.3 million USD. The lead investors of the round were QBN Capital and Blizzard Fund. Capitalizing on the traditional financial sector’s rising interest in digital securities and DeFi, the seed financing will go towards developing the protocol and bringing the protocol to the market. With this investment, DEFYCA is well on its way to becoming a major player in the digital securities space.

DEFYCA Labs, a technology company, and Frictionless Markets, an active management fund, were launched in Q4 of 2022 to serve clients globally. DEFYCA participated in more than 8 thematic events in Q4, generated a strong pipeline of more than 30 B2B clients, and launched integrations with a risk oracle (Wiserfunding) for continuous risk monitoring and with Circle for secured MPC crypto custodian services and treasury accounts.

DEFYCA’s goals  for  2023: A Look into The Future

DEFYCA is excited to announce that the Testnet will launch for a primary listing on the company website in February. This will be followed by the Mainnet launch in March, where the primary listing will be on Avalanche and Polygon. 1st trades of tokenized debt on the DEFYCA platform will also be shown.

Our launch goals for Q2 2023 are to release new features and scale to new chains. In particular, the firm will launch the DeFi Yield Hunter service and allow investors to see on-chain the risk passport of Issuers. Additionally, the DEFYCA mainnet will be live on Solana, NEAR, BNB, and Algorand.

DEFYCA’s goal for Q3 2023 is to raise more funds and issue 50 million in tokenized debt through DEFYCA. We want to show our progress and preparedness for scaling by the end of this quarter!

The firm’s goal for Q4 2023 is to scale its sales partnerships and launch new services, like AMM integration and automatic structured products. We’re also looking to integrate credit derivatives and open market integrations into our platform.

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